• December 14, 2018
  • BLOG

Deferred or Denied? Here’s what you do…

If you applied to college Early Action (EA) or Early Decision (ED), you may have just received a deferment letter. Later on, you could potentially be waitlisted. But what do these admissions decisions mean?

When deferred from a university’s early admissions round, students are placed in the general admissions pool. When waitlisted, a college has finished reviewing your application and moved you to the waitlist. Your admittance depends on the availability of open seats as August approaches, as well as your place on the waitlist. This understanding will help you figure out your next moves.

While there isn’t much you can do in response to being waitlisted, you can certainly take action in response to being deferred, such as:

– Reassess where certain colleges rank in your list of schools. You’ve looked at dozens of schools, you’ve known what your “back-up” would be…now you have to start taking that application more seriously.

– Prepare supplemental documents for your application. This might be additional essays or appeal letters from the Early Decision round, but there is plenty to do for the Regular Decision schools on your list.

– Continue editing your application materials for Regular Decision applications. In our experience, getting accepted from the deferred list can be very slim. That’s okay, brush off, and make sure your other applications are perfect.

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