Diagnostic Testing for College: SAT, ACT & Subject Tests

January 26, 2019
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

12 E 49th Street

Register to take a simulated, full-length diagnostic SAT, ACT, or Subject Test, and have the opportunity to discuss your scores with our experts. Space is limited.

**All tests are $85 each for students currently working with an Ivy Link tutor**

Note on Extra Time
Please only select an exam with extra time if your student has been granted extra time by the College Board or by the ACT Company. If your student hasn’t been granted extra time, we recommend the student take the diagnostic exam with regular time unless you are very confident the student will receive extra time.



Ticket Type Price Spaces
ACT Diagnostic $145.00
SAT Diagnostic $145.00
SAT Subject Test
You will be asked to provide the name of the Subject Test(s) you wish to take. You may take up to 3 on any given test date. The number of tests does not affect the price.


Accept Credit Cards