What is Ivy Link’s connection to the Ivy League?

Ivy Link is unique among our peers in that our education consultants and instructors are exclusively graduates of or current students in the Ivy League. Certain companies advertise the services of “Ivy League” tutors and may take some liberties with the term “Ivy League.” At Ivy Link, all of our professionals attend or have attended at least one of the following schools that constitute the Ivy League (listed in order of founding date): Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth and Cornell.

Does Ivy Link have consultants and tutors from top schools that are non-Ivy League?

We traditionally require each of our consultants or instructors to have graduated from at least one Ivy League school. That said, many of our consultants and instructors, in addition to holding Ivy League degrees, have also earned degrees from other top institutions, such as MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Chicago, Northwestern and Duke. We are always in search of top talent from premier colleges and universities.

I am interested in applying to non-Ivy League schools, are Ivy Link’s services applicable to me?

Yes, absolutely. Ivy Link works with candidates who are considering a variety of schools that includes major universities, small liberal arts colleges, private and public institutions, and schools with specialized programs. We believe that selecting the right school is a very personal decision, and we work very hard with each student to provide guidance in the school selection and admissions process. While Ivy Link will provide you with elite access to Ivy League educated consultants and instructors, our services, experience and knowledge extend to the many excellent schools that are not members of the Ivy League.


How do you match up students with consultants and tutors?

Ivy Link believes that the best learning and mentoring environment is one fostered by comfort and trust. This is why we take our pairing process seriously. We match our students with tutors based on a variety of factors: academic needs, background, skill level, hobbies and personality. If your child hates flashcards, plays tennis, or loves Guitar Hero, please tell us. We will make sure to find a tutor who is suited to your child’s personality and learning traits.

Where does the consultation and tutoring take place?

Consultation and tutoring sessions take place in our clients’ homes. If you would like for the tutor to teach at a non-residential location, other arrangements can be made.

How are your consultants and tutors chosen?

All consultants and tutors at Ivy Link undergo a rigorous application and interview process. We find our professionals from the Ivy League. More importantly, our consultants and tutors are not only experts in their fields, but also possess a love of teaching, and the maturity, confidence, patience and empathy necessary to connecting with students.