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    • “Ivy Link’s administrative staff is conscientious and makes a great effort to match applicants with staff members who share their interests. My law advisor is tremendously knowledgeable on the application process for UK institutions and can be a great resource for someone who is looking for an insider’s perspective.”
    • “My private instructor has been a great resource and mentor during my GMAT preparations. She helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and built my weaknesses into strengths through quick lessons, problem sets and a lot of patience. I would recommend my instructor to anyone willing to work with a top teacher and mentor to get a top score.”
    • “Before working with my instructor, I was stuck getting the same LSAT score over and over again. Even after taking a commercial LSAT prep course with another company, I could not understand why my score would not improve, and was afraid that maybe I had maxed my potential. Thankfully, my private instructor showed me that was not true. Thanks to working with my instructor, I broke through and raised by LSAT score by an entire 6 points from my previous best! If you are willing to put in the effort, I am sure your Ivy Link instructor can help you improve as well!”
      -JD Applicant (Attending USC Law School)