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    • “Ivy Link’s administrative staff is conscientious and makes a great effort to match applicants with staff members who share their interests. My law advisor is tremendously knowledgeable on the application process for UK institutions and can be a great resource for someone who is looking for an insider’s perspective.”
    • “Although I always had good grades in high school, the SATs were something with which I really struggled. By the time I finished working with my instructor, my score had risen over 450 points. While the material she provided was excellent, it was her patient, detailed instruction that was priceless. Overall, preparing for the SATs with her was a really excellent, worthwhile experience.”
    • “Before working with my tutor, I had taken a well-known, commercial LSAT preparation course that did not raise my score or adequately prepare me for the exam. But after working privately with my tutor, I gained a better understanding and knowledge of how to successfully take the exam and increased my LSAT score by 13 points. My tutor explained the materials and study strategies in a clear, comprehensible manner that was tailored to my learning style and needs. This preparation differed from other tutoring programs I looked into because not only did I learn how to answer the questions, but I also took many practice exams in a timed, simulated test setting. This was invaluable. Also, I felt that my tutor truly cared that I raise my score and be satisfied with it. Now I tell any of my friends who are preparing for the LSATs, that my tutor was amazing and I don’t think anyone else could have prepared me as well as my tutor did.”
      -LSAT Student