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    • “Before working with my tutor, I had taken a well-known, commercial LSAT preparation course that did not raise my score or adequately prepare me for the exam. But after working privately with my tutor, I gained a better understanding and knowledge of how to successfully take the exam and increased my LSAT score by 13 points. My tutor explained the materials and study strategies in a clear, comprehensible manner that was tailored to my learning style and needs. This preparation differed from other tutoring programs I looked into because not only did I learn how to answer the questions, but I also took many practice exams in a timed, simulated test setting. This was invaluable. Also, I felt that my tutor truly cared that I raise my score and be satisfied with it. Now I tell any of my friends who are preparing for the LSATs, that my tutor was amazing and I don’t think anyone else could have prepared me as well as my tutor did.”
      -LSAT Student
    • “Despite a good GPA, constant involvement in extracurricular activities, and reading as much literature outside of school as possible, I could not improve my SAT score. My instructor, one of the friendliest, most brilliant students I have known, broke down complicated math problems that my own instructors failed to simplify, and his casual yet professional demeanor made taking the actual examination feel far less pressured than it had in the past. Thanks to my instructor’s help, I was accepted Early Decision II at Bowdoin College. I doubt that I would have earned such success were it not for my instructor’s guidance.”
    • “Ivy Link helped ease my transition from college to law school by providing useful advice on studying and exam-writing, including providing names of books that proved to be extremely helpful as I began preparing for my finals. Ivy Link provided practical advice on applying for internships and externships. Keeping in mind that I planned on transferring, Ivy Link also helped me understand and follow through with the steps I needed to take throughout the year in order to achieve my goal.”