Content of Program

The program begins with a diagnostic test that provides younger students with an introduction to the ISEE in particular and the requirements of standardized testing in general. Initially, our instruction focuses on the logic and academic substance of the test, with close attention to how the content overlaps with and diverges from the student’s coursework at school. Tutors teach and review verbal reasoning skills, math concepts and algorithms, critical reading methods, and mnemonics to learn recurrent vocabulary. As the program progresses and their official test date nears, students learn to apply this knowledge as well as specific test-taking strategies through drills, homework, and timed practice tests.

Length of Program

Students typically start preparing for the ISEE several months before they intend to take the official test. Diagnostic test results and other considerations allow us to design an appropriate program for the individual student.

An Additional Option: the SSAT

Many students preparing for the ISEE also prepare for and take the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).

The two tests are produced by different testing agencies for slightly different purposes: the SSAT is a 50-year-old national test associated with boarding school admissions, while the ISEE is a newer, more regional test associated with private school admissions. Overall, however, the tests are similar in content and in purpose.

Some independent schools accept either test, but many schools insist on one or the other.

Thus, students must be sure to check the specific admissions requirements at the schools to which they are applying.