At Ivy Link, we want to inspire each student to achieve their personal and academic best throughout their years of schooling, as well as help fortify valuable skills that will extend beyond the classroom.  We therefore offer a range of services that supplement our general programs of admissions counseling, tutoring and application assistance to include a myriad of targeted specialty services aimed towards applicants who have specific needs or requirements. Our expert Ivy Link mentors are here to assist with virtually any niche request.

    • “Before working with my instructor, I was stuck getting the same LSAT score over and over again. Even after taking a commercial LSAT prep course with another company, I could not understand why my score would not improve, and was afraid that maybe I had maxed my potential. Thankfully, my private instructor showed me that was not true. Thanks to working with my instructor, I broke through and raised by LSAT score by an entire 6 points from my previous best! If you are willing to put in the effort, I am sure your Ivy Link instructor can help you improve as well!”
      -JD Applicant (Attending USC Law School)
    • “After working with my tutor for almost six months on my SAT skills, I do not believe I could have felt more prepared and confident to take the SAT Reasoning Test. After a few tutoring sessions, my scores steadily increased and ultimately reached a level at which I was extremely pleased. My tutor was able to identify my difficulties and provide me with strategies to improve my scores. If I should need more standardized test preparation in the future, my tutor will be the first person I call.”
      -High School Junior
    • “Although I always had good grades in high school, the SATs were something with which I really struggled. By the time I finished working with my instructor, my score had risen over 450 points. While the material she provided was excellent, it was her patient, detailed instruction that was priceless. Overall, preparing for the SATs with her was a really excellent, worthwhile experience.”