At Ivy Link, we want to inspire each student to achieve their personal and academic best throughout their years of schooling, as well as help fortify valuable skills that will extend beyond the classroom.  We therefore offer a range of services that supplement our general programs of admissions counseling, tutoring and application assistance to include a myriad of targeted specialty services aimed towards applicants who have specific needs or requirements. Our expert Ivy Link mentors are here to assist with virtually any niche request.

    • “My instructor was tremendously helpful to me in preparing for the LSAT. She was very knowledgeable, conveyed her knowledge clearly and was extremely accommodating of my work schedule. Even after I was done with the LSAT, my instructor was generous in providing guidance as I picked a law school. I had a truly enjoyable time working with her.”
    • “I write to express my highest appreciation and regard for my tutor’s talents. She helped prepare me for both the LSAT and GMAT exams in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Thanks to her tremendous insight, support and work ethic, I was able to score 169 on the LSAT and 720 on the GMAT. My tutor was a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional in every respect. I recommend her highly.”
      -JD/MBA Applicant (Admitted to Cornell Law School and Business School)
    • “After working with my tutor for almost six months on my SAT skills, I do not believe I could have felt more prepared and confident to take the SAT Reasoning Test. After a few tutoring sessions, my scores steadily increased and ultimately reached a level at which I was extremely pleased. My tutor was able to identify my difficulties and provide me with strategies to improve my scores. If I should need more standardized test preparation in the future, my tutor will be the first person I call.”
      -High School Junior